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nationals as they stun the florida marlins 6-4 at nationals park. there's the sfean scene as fans file in. the nationals look for their fourth straight victory. taking on florida for the second time and trying to string wins together. welcome back to "nats xtra" presented to you by verizon wireless as we're ready to go here. three comeback victories in a row looking for number four. looking for the upset with john lannan. nice way to do it in that eighth inning. >> that's a turn around for the sfean season. when you have those types of wins where you snatch the thing out of their hands, the bullpen suffered. johnson throwing the ballextremely well 6 2/3 inning a perfect game after he gave up two hits in the first inning. starts throwing breaking balls. hit by willie harris. another base hit. belliard pinch-hitting a double and adam dunn blasting one the opposite way as he's had a penchant to do lately going the op sit at way. 80 plus rbi's and this offense is rolling as they've begun to just score a lot of runs over the last 15 days. >> after the game, catcher wil nieves talked about fina
30, hurricane arlene. and historically, especially in florida, you will see that august and september are the most intense months for hurricanes. so, i think that we can't simply say that since we have seen an emerging stronger el nino we can conclude that we are safe. i would also point out that obviously from our standpoint, one severe storm is catastrophic and we are more concerned with nailing the forecast with respect to those individual storms than what the statistical average outlook might be. but i think, in sum, since you have tested my forecast capability, we will see on august 6 an outlook that accommodates the consequences of what is now clearly an el nino signal. >> that being the case, would it be reasonable to expect that the late hurricane season, of which you pointed out andrew was in late august, that because of el nino appearing, that it lessens the likelihood of the atlantic ferocious storms since it shears off the top of them? >> statistically, yes, sir. but as i point out -- and in fact i would have to look back at the record -- there have been a n
in on the florida panhandle. good sunday to you. i'm craig melvin. claudette is packing powerful winds and bringing heavy rains to the florida coast. people who live there are also keeping their eye on another storm brewing in the atlantic. chuck bell joining us from storm center 4. >> the storm we're going to have to watch later on in the week is going to be tropical storm, probably going to be hurricane bill. in the short term we need to worry about tropical storm claudette. winds gusting in excess of 40 miles per hour. you can see a lot of travel troubles down there. if you have flight problems tomorrow that will bring you to atlanta, birmingham, pensacola or mobile, flights they be impacted. from pensacola to the very tip, the southernmost extent, you can see on the infrared satellite imagery a compact circulation with the storm moving other far central and western parts of the florida panhandle. this storm packing a lot of rain. apalachicola. over about the next 12 to 24 hours this storm will go inland leaving a lot of wind and rain in its wake. hard hit will be southern alabama, southwestern
. >>> a florida news crew got a hostile reception from an unwilling interviewee. a mother called police about her underage daughter working at a strip club. when reporters showed up, the girl's grandmother showed them they were not welcome. she swung a garden hoe. fortunately no one was injured. >>> elsewhere in florida, rescuers saved a girl whose arm was stuck in a pool drain. that 3-year-old was taking a swim lesson in the pool when her arm became lodged in the skimmer suction pipe. crews were able to eventually dislodge that pipe. that girl was taken to a hospital. >>> a golf course groundskeeper in michigan made one mammoth discovery there. the worker stumbled across a ten to 11,000-year-old mammoth tooth. the course is now planning an entire excavation site around that ancient find. >>> now for a look at the national and regional weather, here's meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. >> that girl, 3 years old, mom stuck. i heard the mom had to hold her up in the water for two hours. >> yeah. you know -- >> parent nightmare. >> swim lessons aren't scary enough as it is
for anderson cooper and "ac 360." >>> we begin with breaking news out of florida. the shocking new motive revealed in a double murder that stunned the country. melanie and byrd billings the parents of 13 adopted kids were killed by intruders dressed like ninjas. our source says the state's attorney's office believes there was more than one motive. the billings were the target of a contract hit the crime was part of a murder for hire plot. sheriff david morgan is respond og to that report. david mattingly joins us with the breaking news. >> reporter: for the first time sheriff david morgan is confirming a murder for hire scheme is a possibility they are looking at. they have been looking at this possibility from the beginning following up on what he called uncorroborated information. all these weeks later they are still working on it and not ready to rule out the billings murder was a hired hit. >> let me state emphatically that at the onset of the billings investigation the escambia sheriff's office was in receipt of uncorroborated information to lead a person to believe this was an avenu
for anderson cooper and "ac 360." >>> we begin with breaking news out of florida. tonight the possibility of a shocking new motive revealed in a double murder that stunned the country. melanie and byrd billings, parents of 13 adopted kids were shot to death in their home earlier this month, killed by intruders dressed like ninjas. authorities say they were the victims of robbery. there's more. the state attorney's office believes there was more than one motive beyond robbery, telling cnn the billings were a target of a contract hit, that the crime was a part of a murder for hire plot. sheriff david morgan leading the criminal investigation is responding to that report. david mattingly with the news. >> reporter: sheriff david morgan confirming publicly that a murder for hire scheme is a possibility they're looking at in the murder of byrd and melly billings. they have been looking at this possibility since the beginning. following up on what he called uncorroborated information. now, all these weeks later, they are still working on it and not ready, yet, to rule out the idea that the bill
>>> claudette calling. packing heavy rains, the storm makes landfall in the florida panhandle. >>> reform wrangling. compromise could be in the works on a key public option provision of the obama healthcare plan. >>> and tiger's pain. y.e. yang pulled off an amazing upset at the pga championship. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm michelle guillen. >>> claudette made landfall in the florida panhandle early this morning, the first named storm to hit the u.s. main land this year. claudette moved onto the shore at ft. walton beach as a tropical storm with maximum winds of 50 miles per hour. the storm dumped heavy rains in some area but is expected to weaken over land and is not expected to cause significant damage. forecasters have been watching two other storms over the weekend. ana, headed toward the gulf of mexico, is dying out. bill is farther away but potentially the most dangerous of the three. hari sreenivasan has more. >> reporter: claudette came ashore less than a day after forming over the gulf coast. ana is already weakening, but bill
. i will always be grateful for the people of florida for representing me in the senate. my purchase have always been my faith to the family, and country, and after nearly 12 years of public service in florida and washington, it is time to return to florida and my family. today, i am announcing my decision to step down from public office. i've enjoyed by time immensely. i will miss the great friendships i've developed with wonderful people who served with me in the senate. i also want to thank mitch mcconnell for his guidance and friendship and is useful insights throughout time i have been in the senate. i also want to thank my family. they've made many sacrifices during this time, and i look forward to the opportunity for us to not only reminisce and share wonderful memories we have developed together but also the opportunity to move on in our lives and have closer opportunity for family time. i look forward to continuing to be an active voice on issues of vital to florida and the u.s., and look forward to being an active part of a resurgent republican party. i think you very much
. it made landfall, cing ashore on the florida panhandle. claudette has kicked up the surf and caused some minor flooding. experts say the last thing people should do is to underestimate the storms because it's been a slow season. they point out that hurricane andrew, a devastating storm to hit florida, didn't form until this day back in 1992. >> we're just now getting into the time frame where we, on average, see our first storm reach hurricane intensity. >> as for claudette, the storm's already weakening over land. the winds topped out at 50 miles an hour. forecasters predict it will dump between 3 and 6 inches of rain. stay with news 4 and nbcwhington.com for the very latest on the tnbpical storms in nte laatic. just visit our website and chseeather. >> the search continues t s. morning for the person who walked up to a crowded bus stop in northeast washington and opened fire. it happened near the minnesota avenue metro station on saturday. investigators say at least one gunman opened fire and sho seven people. many of the people standing at the bus stop had just come from a go-go party
in the continental united states on the florida panhandle. sustained winds at 40 miles an hour. a bunch of rain coming shore and then taking a track to peninsula and mobile. we thought that the remnants could play into our weather latter in the week. but right now we're getting indication it's may blow itself out over the tentown valley. there's tropical storm claudette. there will be dismal pictures of rain moving inside ways. what we have to the east of the vacation islands is hurricane bill. bill deserves to be watched. he's packing quite a punch and has quite aways to go before it gets to the continental united states. it might be one big storm by the time gets here. and it was august 16th and august 17th back in the '90s when andrew tried to follow the same track and it hammered south florida. we're still many days away, those. >>> joy is in for sharon. >>> people are starting to wake up and run into each other. anne arundel county crash on 450 and an accomplice road. the police are on there. and there's an accident on president street. light rail delay 30 minutes this morning due to mecha
about an hour from now, a hearing underway in florida about this girl. she is 17 years old, and her name is rifqa bary. she got on the bus and went to florida from ohio, saying that she feared for her safety and had no choice, because she claims that her muslim father threatened to kill her after she converted to christianity. now it is up to a florida judge to decide if she should stay put or if she must be sent back to her parents, and whether or not she has anything to fear. we are in miami following the developments. good to see you. this is an interesting case, because there is no real connection to florida except for some religious folks from the internet. what will happen, because there are allegations on both sides. >> christian activists are coming out in full force in support of this girl. there's been a demonstration outside the courthouse in downtown orlando over the next hour. we know that she did become a christian. she met on facebook the pastors of the global revolution church. next thing, she is going from columbus, ohio, to orlando, florida. the pastor says they got a p
>>> claudette is on the move after pounding the florida panhandle as the first atlantic storm of the year to make landfall in the u.s. where it headed now and what about bill and ana? >>> milwaukee's mayor is in the hospital after a vicious attack. how mayor tom barrett became a crime contradivictim himself tr stop another crime. >>> a story of guy man being abused and killed. what country is singled out for doing nothing to stop the violence. >>> i hope you had a good weekend. thank you for kicking your week off here for us. we appreciate your company as always. >>> suddenly hurricane season just got busy. tropical storm claudette slammed into florida's panhandle overnight quickly loss steam. the storm came ashore near ft. walton beach. surfers enjoyed the waves ahead of the storm but about the time claudette was downgraded to a tropical depression this morning, bill formed over the atlantic. winds are up to 90 miles an hour there now. the national hurricane center says it could become a major hurricane with 110-mile-per-hour winds over the next couple of days. we're also kee
was treated for head injuries but not charged with a crime. >>> cameras captured liquor thieves in florida walking out with pricey bottles lining the legs of their pants. surveillance video shows one man distracting a clerk while another man stuffs expensive bottles of alcohol down his pants. police believe the criminal duo ridding their pants with pouches to hold the bottles. the two have stolen thousands dollars of liquor from various stores. >>> two people were rescued from a pennsylvania river after their pleasure boat tanked. the coast guard says one of those victims was pulled from the chilly waters by a good samaritan. the 15-foot boat the victims were on sank around night fall. >>> a colorado fisherman reeled in a state record. the man caught a 35-pound catfish. the largest catfish ever to be snagged in the state. the avid angler now has a fish tale to tell his friends that he can actually document. >>> for a look at national and regional weather, here's meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. not bad, huh? >> one of the tricks is when you get the picture taken
into high gear as claudette makes landfall in florida. >>> the obama administration signals it may be willing to compromise on a key component of its hlth care plan. >>> deadly maneuver. russian stunt jets collide during an air show rehearsal russian stunt jets collide during an air show rehearsal near moscow. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm christina brown. today we begin with claudette. residents of florida's panhandle had just one day to prepare as tropical storm claudette made a swift entrance as the first major storm to make landfall this season. though it never quite made it to hurricane strength, claudette's soaking rains and strong winds may be just a taste of more storms to come. nbc's kristin dahlgren joins us live from panama city, florida, with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hey there. right now just some light rain here, light winds in panama city. but we are expecting heavier band looking at the radar to come through in just a short time here. some places can expect to get up to 6 inches, even more locally. so the
is battering part of florida's gulf coast tonight. while claudette hits land, florida is watching for bigger problems out on the atlantic. >> reporter: it's been a calm tropical storm season until now. residents along the florida panhandle are basing for claudette, the first tropical storm this year to hit the mainland. in some areas threatening up to 10 inches of rain. residents cleared store shelves of emergency supplies. the gulf is more crime than unusual for intensification this year. tropical storm ana, then bill. >> i think bill is going to be a great hurricane. anywhere between the carolinas, and the canadian maritimes, you'd better keep an eye on it. >> reporter: it's not often the first storms came this last. it has happened in 1992. andrew formed late, and within days it became a category 5 hurricane. devastating florida. >> it just takes the one hurricane to make for a bad year. >>> yeah, we are watching the tropics big time. also watching some hot temperatures around here today. we topped out at 90 degrees or so. you see those numbers. winchester 91 today. philadelphia topped ou
claudette, just popped up this afternoon and inching closer to land in florida. floridians are used to this. stocking up on generators, batteries and wood to protect property. sue palka keeping an eye o tropical storms. >> when floridan's went to bed last night, claudette was not on the map at all. it strengthened overnight and the pan handle of florida will get it hitting landfall within a few hours. you see the tropical storm warnings and in red we have the tornado warning or watch. check out some of the buoys. we can kind of hover over these to see what kind of information we're getting in terms of wind and rain this. one has winds at 48 miles per hour, gusting to 54. look at the water tempeuri this s is likely going into panama city with strong winds. k a icqulook at true view so i can show you the track with tropical storm winds. it will be assure by about 9:00 and this slow-moving system maybe 6 inches of rain along the path as it becomes a depression on monday. the biggest problem is not rain, it is flooding. we'll have more in the full forecast in minutes. >> we'll see you then. >>>
to harm her. the hearing will begin in a few minutes. phil is live in south florida. are the parents expected to attend this hearing? >> yes. mohammed bary and his wife are expected in the orlando court room. outside right now, a few dozen christian activists are in support of his daughter. they do not want her going back to his household because they believe that her life is in danger if she does. he calls it nonsense and nothing but, the result of brainwashing by blake and beverly lorenz with who rifqa bary has been staying since she came to florida from ohio. gregg: experts think she will end up in ohio. i disagree. i think the court can and will take jurisdiction and they can announcer as and emancipated minor, thus an adult. but is the decision expected today? >> it is not certain. by no means do we think this judge will absolutely get a ruling today. they could take a narrow focus and say that this is a jurisdictional hearing on a missing persons case originating in franklin county, ohio. the judge could say, look, i will not even deal with her claim. there is no evidence to su
price menu. only at pizza hut. . >>> well i'll tell you the panhandle of florida is really getting pounded tonight. but this very sudden storm, tropical storm claudette which was not there last night developed overnight into a depression and quickly got stronger today. and i tell you what people think if it were out over the warm gulf water for 10 our 12 hours we would be talking about hurricane claudette. but there are about three hours before it comes to the shore, skimming along the panhandle. here you see tropical storm winds, flooding also flood warnings are popping on. and it will be a very busy night indeed for florida as well as a busy day. movig inlaba, not par far from the panama pensacola florida area. and it could be stronger later. the latest, watching the update on tropical depression anna, not a lot of change but some indication by the way of computer models that it could be weaker. tropical storm bill, barely under hurricane strength, winds under 70 miles per hour. that will be an important storm to watch on the east coast. meanwhile, washington, another hot week,
jueza tendrá un mes para mudarse, y conocer a 8 personalidades, los tú]qgbrúwkpa florida, mel martínez renunció a su puesto, cristina puig nos explica. >>> en que queda de mi vida... >>> aunque varias veces se negó esto, el senor así lo confirmó el viernes. >>> por 12 años he servido al pueblo de la florida y de estados unidos, y ha sido un gran honor pero llegó el momento en que quiero retirarme. >>> agradeció el respaldo y decidió que era otra etapa la que tiene que comenzar. >>> martínez renunció un año antes de cumplir su tiempo en el gobierno, el gobernador de la florida reconoció sus logros. >>> es un gran amigo, y ha servido bien al pueblo, es un mbre que se comportó con mucha integridad. >>> no existe una lista corta y larga, martínez ganó su puesto en el2004, y fue una de las figur figuras. >>> votó en favor de la nominación de sonia sotomayor, y la base nuestra estaba en contra de eso, pero la mayoría de los hispanos tienen un cariño por mel martínez. >>> y el senador permanecerá en su h@tú]qgbptjkph@ que el goberr designe un nuevo representante. >>> va
>>> breaking news tonight -- a florida beach beauty married her dream man, and the newlyweds all set to live happily ever after. till death do them part. what the 26-year-old beauty didn't plan on was that the hit man she hired to murder her new hubby is a cop. that's right. the cops sting her on video. she breaks down in hysterical tears crying over her dead husband within just hours of planning those final touches for his shooting death. she was on the phone with a would-be hit man, and we have the video. >> no, no. oh, my god. i want to see him. no no! >> reserve. >> does he have enemies? anyone that would want to hurt him? ma'am -- people say they saw a black man running. >> please. please. >> i need you -- i need to take you to the station. go with the detective. >> please! >> you want to help your husband, you need to go to the station with these gentlemen and tell us everything you know about who he knows, who he's connected to. >> please, please. >>> and tonight a young mother with five little children in her minivan barrels down the wrong way on a packed interstate highw
cost of post store recovery efforts and a lot of her experience comes from the experience that florida suffered after the me negative hurricane of hurricane andrew in 1992. and mr. franklin nutter is the presidents of this stage president of reinsurance association and serves on the board of the international hurricane research center from the meter logical society and the board of the university's center for atmospheric research he well address the economic impacts of planning, damage coming recovery on global community is. that is why we think you all and dr. droegemeier i want to especially thank you know, that you left your vacation early to come back to testify today. thank you for a much. i could say all of the obvious things about the destructive force of hurricanes and the fact that we have this extraordinarily vulnerable coast line that most of the population of america is along the coast certainly that is the case with regard to my state of florida. and we can see that this is an enormous cost not only to insurance companies but to people and the state's but also to the unite
you. >>> our top story, three big storms are threatening the florida coast. >> one has turned into the first hurricane. matt brock is a live with more on how the sunshine state is getting ready. good morning. >> we were not talking about this on friday. here it is at 5:00 a.m. on monday and one tropical storm has already come ashore. the calm before the storm is now over. just ask people off the panhandle about claudette. it is the first named storm to come ashore with the threat of 10 inches of rainfall. >> we usually experienced this this time of year. >> people had about adair so to gear ready. >> we do not know what is going to happen. -- people had about a day or so to get ready. bill is the most likely to become a full-fledged hurricane, perhaps a major hurricane. >> anywhere between the carolinas, you better keep an eye out on it. >> this has happened. in 1992, andrew formed. days later, it became a category five devastating florida. as for damage from claudette, it appears there is nothing major. as soon as we get some video from florida, we will show it to you. matt b
of pressure on shannon to win. >> let's keep it in the state. south florida has a chance to make waves with games against florida state and miami. how important are those games to the bulls in terms of recruiting? >> 13 years ago, jim leavitt started the south florida baseball program in a traylor. they did not even have mailboxes. 2 years ago they rise to number 2 in the nation. since then it's been a mess. a losing roar in the big east. the perseption is south florida has the losing left overs and this is their grand opportunity. they were not picked to win the big east. in today's coaches poll, there were not one big east team in the conference. anybody can win the big east conference including south florida. they probably have the 2 most recognizable players with the quarterback and the defensive end. it's a great opportunity. can they get it done? most people think no. >> we did not mention him. >> don't say it! >> he is joe schad. >> good job. >> thank you very much. >> jay cutler and kyle orton, 2 quarterbacks learning lessons about their new fans. details ahead on espnews >> ho
florida with strong winds and heavy rain and tropical storm claudette is the first of several storms stirring up trouble in atlantic. >>> the mayor of will mauk rushed to help a screaming woman and got attacked with a metal pipe. >>> did he announce? >> he might be at the tower. >> a week after a deadly midair crash over the hudson river, sight seeing tourists on manhattan skyline have resumed. hear what the pilots are doing to avoid another disaster. >>> hope you are doing well today. you know what? while your sleeping tropical storm claudette became the first named storm to hit the u.s. mainland this year. it came ashore another fort walton beach, florida. it's heading for southern alabama right now. top sustain winds are near 40 miles per hour with higher gusts. some coastal areas could see flooding. claudette caught some people from surprise. >> we saw the clouds and water, but we thought it was a regular evening shower. come to find out, tropical storm on the way. >> there are more storms out there right now as well. chris smith is in for bob once again today. good morning. >> w
on 9 news now at noon, the first named storm of the year comes ashore in the florida panhandle. we're going to check in on claudette. howard has the forecast. >> not just claudette. we will tell you the latest about hurricane bill. getting hot now. a hot start to the week. i will tell you where it is going in the next seven days. a look at the allergy update. everything is low but the mold spores even though they are low they are on the high ofend low. the full forecast when 9 news now returns. ♪ ( slurping ) ♪ ( child giggling ) ( both slurping ) ( laughs ) ( giggles ) why just make a snack? make fun. jell-o. there's no skating around the fact that my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts are perfect. each piece come individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need and easily store what you don't. and they're perfectly sized to cook quickly and evenly in only 10 minutes. it's the perfect answer to your dinner routine. (announcer) perdue perfect portions. also in a variety of all natural seasonings. >>> tropical storm claudette has been downgraded to a tropical depre
along florida's panhandle in the overnight hours. how it might impact the weather in our area later this week. >>> also ahead, fight over health care reform lands in e- mail inboxes across the country and some people are not so happy about that. what changes the white house is making in response to a flood of complaints. >>> michael vick hit the practice field with the philadelphia eagles over the weekend. we'll hear what he is saying about his time in prison and guilt he feels over the crime he committed. >>> start y off with a view from above. it looks like a pretty sunrise on this monday morning, august 17th. it is 7 # take right now. good morning. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. >>> tropical storm claudette made landfall along florida's handle just before #:00 this morning. >> it is expected to dump three to six inches of run with isolated areas getting amuch as 10 inches. forecaster are keeping an eye on hurricane bill. first hurricane of the 2009 atlantic soap. the national hurricane center expects bill will get stronger and could become a major hurricane by w
news at 5. >> bill looks like a brute and claudette is still causing problems in parts of florida and alabama. it's been a few busy days as tropical storms churn up the surf. lindsey davis has the latest from florida. >> the 2009 hurricane season started june 1st, but didn't make its presence known until this weekend. three named storms developed in 48 hours. >> everybody failed pretty well through the ordeal. >> thunderstorm claudette is the first to hit the mainland this year. it formed at the last second into a storm. >> and that's what the concern is nor this hurricane season, that we get storm systems that perform close in along the u.s. mainland. and then we go from not having a storm to have a hurricane that can make landfall in less than 48 hours. >> claudette pushed its way across the florida panhandle with heavy downpours and dangerous winds. this abc reporter had to bear the brunt of it in panama city beach. >> but certainly it's got stinging and it is making it very uncomfortable to stand up. >> rainfall accumulations range between 3 to 10 inches. >> i didn't know it w
>>> a florida beach beauty, married hers dreamman, and the nullyweds set to live happily ever after. what the beauty didn't plan on was that the hitman she hired to murder her new hubby is a cop. that's right. the cops sting her on video. she breaks down in hysterical tears crying over her dead husband within just hours of planning those final touches for his shooting death. she was on the phone with a would-be hitman, and we have the video. >> no, no. oh, my god. oh. >> you need to calm down. >> no. no. >> i need you -- >> go with the detective. >> you want to help your husband, you need to go -- >> no, no. please. >> if you want to help, tell us everything you know about who you know. who he's connected to. don't worry. >> please, please, no. >>> and tonight a young mother with five little children in her minivan barrels down the wrong way on a packed interstate highway slamming into another vehicle. tally -- eight dead, one child, as we go to hair, hanging on to life by a thread. tragedy? yes. accident? no. toxicology reports mommy high on booze and pot. tonight a court battle br
landfall at cl about 1:00 this morning near fort walton, florida. . ohas maximum sustained winds h we t l an ur. o we'll get an update in a couple of moments. bringing heavy rain to florida, parts of louisiana, parts othe see two to five inches of rain croughly speaking during the next day or so. we'll keep you posted on that as well. >>> take a look at what is happening here at home. 74degrees is the current temperature at reagan national airport. we have a few clouds tht uere, no precipitation. you will find fog here and ther some misty conditions as the humidity levels are up there and a few clouds but that t about t a cafor today, we'll esa e good amount of sunshine today. i s ghd humid again iw s thghhi raiinm gro fe thlow to the mid- 90s. 91 in frederick. 95 in fredericksburg. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. more is coming up in just a little bit. >>> let's check in with julie wright and say good morning to her on a monday morning. >> good weekend but back to work and now a little busy out there. no accidents to report along the top stretch of the beltway for t
really been deteriorating on florida's panhandle. as those wings strengthen. the rainfall is coming down very heavy, along with a threat of tornados. claudette is a tropical storm. gusting up to 65. it's just less than 40 miles away from landfall. we think that's going to happen in the next couple of hours. let's show you where these bands are, and it's covering a lot of the southeast. this is going all the way up to atlanta, up towards the birmingham area. the heaviest rainfall around apalachicola. you can get a better idea of where the center of this storm is. we're estimating right now it's somewhere in this vicinity. it's moving to the north. we're anticipating landfall to likely be somewhere near destin-ish. could be a little west of there, could be a little bit east of there. our biggest concern is these bands come in, they're going to bring in that heavy rain and threat of tornados. we could see anywhere between maybe 3 to 6 inches of rainfall with locally heavier amounts. the wind reports have been very heavy. these are sustained winds as opposed to the gusts. it looks like we're
in florida, charlie crist, who will be able to make a replacement for this now- retiring senator. major garrett is working the story. major garrett is going to get to us with more information about the early oil retirement of mel martinez in just a moment. jane: job numbers are out, and for the first time in 15 months, the rate is down for unemployment. the dow is up. >> it is a big surprise when it comes to the report we were waiting for this week. 9.4% was not what investors were expecting. they were expecting an upward rise. also, 247,000 job losses, a bright spot, because the expectation was for much more than that. that is the upside surprise from wall street. we're seeing enthusiastic numbers. how did the numbers work out? this is what happened. this is a americans who are able to work and are looking for a job. this does not include those who do not have any more benefits to collect and are not looking for a job. they're not considered part of the labor force. they are discouraged, disenfranchised, and there is still a segment that is like that, and they are not added into the nu
stuff. did you see and hear that? well, a florida man was videotaping an incoming storm thursday when that happened, a bolt of lightning struck right next door. everyone was fine but if you can imagine, the guy taping it said it gave him a good scare. >>> we've been talking about the wild weather in and around boston but is there a chance for more severe weather today? august 1st. that's the question we go to meteorologist reynolds wolf. hi, reynolds. >> there will be a chance of severe weather donl think in boston today but one of our two big weather stories, the chance of severe weather and unseasonably warm temperatures in parts of the pacific northwest starting with the rough weather first. parts of the central plains you'll see a frontal boundary extending from kansas city southward to oklahoma city to the east of amarillo at this hour. later into the day we can expect a chance of storms in places like st. louis perhaps memphis, even little rock, arkansas before all is said and done. of course, dallas, if you are flying into dallas you may have delays at love field and dfw. the o
congresswoman kathy castor of tampa, florida became the latest glad kuwaiter to face the lions in the coliseum of healthcare reform. tempers flared when doors closed on most of the 1,500 who tried to attend. one man's shirt was riped are after she reaffirmed her support for a public healthcare plan. >> don't do it! >> in st. louis county, kenneth gladdeny was cursed and thrown to the ground at a forum on aging featuring russ carnaghan. police arrested six people for suspicion of assault, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. even the aarp, the powerful retirees lobby is, enduring a summer of discontent. >> you're not going to the meeting then i will just continue. >> do you work for us or we work for you? >> senator claire mccaskill urged everyone to chill, my word, not hers. >> i hope everybody takes a deep breath, quits yelling, both sides. >> the senate's number two democrat claimed the insurance industry is jamming up the protests. >> they want a little clip on youtube to disrupt a town meeting and to sell the congressman running for his car. that doesn't help. >> it was in the late '
. >>> a florida medical examiner says cocaine contributed to the heart disease that killed famed tv pitchman billy mays. the hillsboro county medical examiner's office says mays last used cocaine in the days before his death but he wasn't under the influence of the drug when he died. mays' family said they never knew he used cocaine or other drugs and may ask for an independent review of mays' official autopsy. his wife found him dead in their florida condo june 28th. >>> we have been saying investigators think equipment failure may have played a role in the air france crash about two months ago but now we're hearing that some jetliners flying here in the u.s. may have the exact same problem. here's jean ma serve. >> reporter: as early as next week the federal aviation administration may issue an order requiring airlines to change the speed sensors on airbus a330s. the flight that went down in the middle of the atlantic may 31st was an a-330. investigators have still not determined what caused that accident but automatic messages sent before the crash indicated there were inconsistent speed measur
, she resurfaces 18 years later. >>> and luck of the draw. ticket holders in florida fume over a foulup during a lottery ticket holders in florida fume over a foulup during a lottery drawing. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning, everyone. i'm dan kloeffler. >>> this morning we begin with paying tribute to ted y. after decades of public service, thousands of people gathered in massachusetts thursday to spend just a passing moment in the presence of their late senator. edward moore teddy kennedy. nbc's steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: hour after hour, they came by the thousands to the kennedy library not far from downtown boston. ordinary americans who wanted to pay their last respects to the senator they called teddy. many visibly moved as they filed by senator kennedy's coffin. >> well, i was completely overwhelmed, actually. >> civil rights and, you know, minimum wage and he really was a voice of the poor. and, you know, the common person. >> reporter: the line of waiting mourners stretched into the night. suddenly along the line came senator
, he shot gordon to death and escaped to miami. he was arrested on unrelated charges in florida and extradited to anne arundel county. >>> a new trial date has been set for baltimore mayor sheila dixon. at a court hearing this morning, the judge postponed her trial on perjury charges for november the 9th. her trial had been scheduled for september the 8th. it includes new evidence against the mayor and brings back some perjury charges that were thrown out. dixon's attorney say they plan to file a new motion arguing state prosecutor has abused the grand jury process. >> we're going to get a little bit more discovery under the new charges and once we go through that, we expect that we'll be filing a new motion, at least with respect to the grand jury as well as some other issues that we'll be filing. >> i fully anticipate that the defense will bring up any motion they can. it's not surprising. >> so a hearing is now scheduled for september 30 on any new motions and dixon is accused of stealing gift cards from the needy and failing to report gifts on ethics forms. >>> a u.s. senate
. tropical storm claudette made landfall along the florida panhandle, behind her two more storms are out in the atlantic. clayton has details. >> reporter: on apalachicola bay paul fridell fought 40 mile-per-hour winds to save his sailboat from a measly tropical storm. for a while we were not sure how he managed to hang on while they tied down the vessel. >> we hope it doesn't get too much worse. anyway, i'm just looking after my boat. >> reporter: off the coast jean picked up her daughter from work and took off inland to tallahassee because the river was rising. >> we've had a couple of small trees already blow down across the road my husband had to move. our crooked river is already rising just with the rainfall. >> reporter: in port st. joe shoppers swamped the piggly wiggly to get flashlights. camille wilson lives in safety harbor and came all the way here to vacation. >> we're going to stay here for the duration. tomorrow the sun will be out. >> reporter: on apalachicola bay you can barely stand here. there are people who will try to tough it out in boats tied up to the dock. there'
so will report. >>> florida hopes claudette dozen not clobber the coast. how a calm season turned nasty. >>> squealing tires, screeching around corners, sounds like a trip down lombard but this is for the checkered flag. sherrie johnson with more on the baltimore grand prix. this and more coming up. >>> right now your weather with meteorologist, here she is, susan schrack. >> thank you. good morning. things are on the muggy side for us. we're sewing a little haze out there. but for the most part things are on the quiet side. 68 degrees now, relative humidity 93%, winds are calm. temperatures all around the northeast, looking about the same. 68 degrees in baltimore. 73 philadelphia. 63 allentown. 71 in richmond. satellite and radar composite shows we have clouds around, they are breaking up pretty quickly and as the sun continues to come out more and more we'll have a pretty warm one for us today. the extended forecast shows we're looking pretty good throughout the day and into the day on tuesday. then we have a front start to stall out to the west of us. we may see a couple rain s
to take care of against a florida team that the nationals finally were able to beat last night. bob carpenter, rob dibble. welcome to game two. part of that the big bat of adam dunn. this guy is up to 80 rbi's now. he's third in the league in hoarls and runs batted in. >> rob: when he gets hot, he can really carry a ball club. he has been doing a great job. you go back to the san diego series. he hit this huge grand slam. it was a blowout. this is what got things going with the grand slam. you can't pitch around him. then in mawm milwaukee with the roof open he hits it over that toyota tundra sign. that one was hit a ton. then, the game go ahead home run that he hit against the pirates send it to a victory there and last night things did not look good for the nationals. then, all of a sudden upset adam dunn and it's a totally different ballgame. when you have guys, bob, that are game changers and guys that can change the momentum in the course of a ballgame, it's something special to watch. adam dunn is one of those guys. there's very few of them in the game. very few guys you have
>>> breaking news tonight. florida, a 5-year-old little girl tucked into bed. five hours later she's gone. vanished into thin air. the back door propped would it owed. daddy comes home from the night shift to find not a trace of little hayleigh. bombshell tonight. we learn girlfriend/baby-sitter the last known person to see little hayleigh alive flunks a private polygraph. flunks quote miserably. not only that reports she flunked a voice stress test as well. more disheartening she changes her story now saying up to four people in the home the night hayleigh goes missing, but calling it a dream-like memory. this on the heels of police announcing hayleigh was not kidnapped by a stranger repeat, it was no stranger that snuck into the home that night and snatched the little girl. investigators say kroz lynn refuses to give straight answer and to account for crucial hours surrounding hayleigh's disappearance. in another stunning twist, cops reveal physical evidence at the crime sustaincene contradict her story. tonight, where is 5-year-old florida girl hayleigh? >>
. the federal government has taken action against a florida-based mortgage company which has about 9000 people in the baltimore area to has the mortgages through them. >> the federal housing administration stopped the company from writing any new insured mortgages from the fha. now they are wondering who holds the mortgage. questions about the company's practices led to government by the federal government -- led to action by the federal government. >> they have seized files. they do not know what they are after. they pulled their lending license overnight. >> the company failed to smoke -- submit an annual report. there are concerns of fraud. they failed to disclose that they were subject to examination into its business practices of the past year. housing and urban development has proposed debarment of the chief president of the company. maryland and 13 other states sanctioned the company. they reached a $9 million settlement after questioning their underwriting standards, and internal control procedures. >> they are in no lugger originating or processing loans in any jurisdiction. >> that i
others from the churning waters. the death of a 54-year-old swimmer in florida saturday has also been blamed on hurricane bill. that deadly storm continues to weaken, though, as it moves out to sea. >>> in greece, authorities have declared a state of emergency there over wildfires raging near the capital of athens. tens of thousands of people lifgs in suburbs have been evacuated as firefighters struggle with gale force winds. self houses have been destyed. no reports of any deaths or injuries so far. the fires come two years after a deadl shthaty evastated thatco untry, leaving thousands of people homeless. >>> now here's a look at other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> florida police on a man hunt got a little help from a kranl yous local resident. a dui suspect was trying to escape from authorities on foot but a home owner tackled the man in his yard. the brave resident who was lyfoerrm a bouncer flagged him down and waved to helicopters. >>> a bizarre freeway accident in california involved three cars and a plane. this was almost unbelievable. the small plane ran
. first, she lost steam after watching a shore along the florida panhandle this morning. they bought winds up to 40 miles an hour and a lot of rain. and that is the first name area this hurricane season. hurricane bill picked up strength. right now over the atlantic. expected to become a major hurricane in the next couple of days with the winds, eventually topping 110 miles per hour. so the question is, what does this mean for us? they are joining us now live with answers. >> well, a couple of things. meaning we have several days to prepare and also with several days to see if the track changes. now, let's talk about the sateite picture. a big sastorm alrey.ad ona category on e. and that is as of 5 p.m. a big storm. so now the good news, they will miss them, miss the dominicans head generally to the northwest. this is a storm that you're talking about, here, a good circulation and broad circulation. and it is destined to become a major hurricane. and now, we say that by 2:00 on wednesday. it'll be a category three. and major hurricanes, you notice that they are well to the north of barba
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